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About The Company

A prominent company in the financial sector, handling vast daily transactions and customer interactions, had a growing IT infrastructure to support its expanding global operations. However, the sheer scale of its operations led to recurrent IT challenges, impacting employee productivity and customer satisfaction.


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Enhancement in User Engagement Rates


Reduction in Backend Operational Delays with RPA

Introducing Alpha - A Beautiful Custom Built Fin-tech Application

The Challenge?

In the quest to redefine the fintech landscape, the financial services startup envisioned a revolutionary application, Alpha. But the road to innovation was paved with complexities. The primary challenge was seamlessly integrating a human-like AI chatbot that could serve varied financial needs without making it feel artificial and adding cost burdens of adding manpower. Moreover, real-time identity validation with top-notch security and facilitating diverse investment options without overwhelming the users added layers of intricacy. To top it all, ensuring global regulatory compliance while pushing technological boundaries was crucial. The challenge was not just about integrating advanced features but doing so in a manner that was user-centric, secure, and efficient.

User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

Integrating a lifelike chatbot and a wide variety of investment and loan options in a mobile application without making it feel artificial or cumbersome.

Identity Verification

Validating user identities in real-time with high accuracy and security for better compliance, enhanced outcomes and reduced fraud rate.

Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to global fintech regulations, especially when using AI for critical decisions.

Investment Granularity

Allowing users to make investments not just in broad categories but also at detailed, sectoral, and geographic levels.

Secure Financial Transactions

Facilitating loans, granting credit notes, and other financial instruments while ensuring top-tier security and reliability.

Alpha Final 02

Alpha - An Elegant Engineering Masterpiece

The WhizKey Solution?

We approached these challenges with our arsenal of expertise, head-on. We harnessed the power of Generative AI to craft a chatbot that wasn’t just functional but also engaging and dynamic, making financial interactions delightful. We created an innovative AI-driven identity verification ensured user security without compromising onboarding efficiency. Through state-of-the-art mobile development techniques, the intricate investment features were made accessible and user-friendly. Robotic Process Automation streamlined backend operations, and the inclusion of blockchain bolstered transactional security. Our holistic solution transformed Alpha from a mere concept into a VC funded powerful fintech reality.

Generative AI and LLMs

GenAIs & LLMs were used to create a chatbot with a dynamic and lifelike conversation flow. This enabled the app to assist users throughout their journey, from onboarding to complex investment decisions.

Mobile App Development

Using Flutter, we crafted a seamless mobile application experience ensuring that the all the unique features were smoothly integrated.


We deployed a private blockchain to record critical financial transactions, ensuring immutability and unparalleled security.

AI-driven Identity Verification

Implementing advanced AI techniques to validate user documents, facial recognition, and other biometrics in real-time for secure onboarding and transaction authorizations.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automated repetitive backend tasks, especially related to transaction validation and data entry, making the entire process efficient.

Alpha Final 03

Alpha - Human like Intelligence, Machine Like Sharpness.

Results and Benefits?

Upon collaborating with us, the landscape of the financial services startup’s operations saw a profound transformation. The user engagement soared, with the lifelike chatbot driving a 70% increase in sustained interactions. Security frameworks, enhanced by AI and blockchain, led to an 85% drop in fraudulent activities, fortifying user trust. Operational efficiency received a boost, with backend processes being optimized to cut costs by 40%. The granularity of investment options distinguished Alpha in the market, resonating with the users’ need for personalized financial solutions. In essence, WhizKey’s innovative interventions cemented Alpha’s place as a leader in the fintech domain.

Enhanced User Engagement

The lifelike chatbot increased user engagement rates by 70%, leading to higher transaction volumes and user retention.

Operational Efficiency

RPA integration optimized backend operations, reducing operational costs by 40%.

10 Million USD VC-Funding

Alpha received over 10 million USD in VC funding after the successful development and implementation of the Alpha app.

Improved Security

AI-driven identity verification and blockchain implementation reduced fraud cases by 85%.

Comprehensive Investment Options

Users appreciated the granularity of investment options, which became a unique selling point for Alpha.

The technologies we used to build this product - Alpha

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