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A prominent corporate company in the services sector, handling vast daily transactions and customer interactions, had a growing IT infrastructure to support its expanding global operations. However, the sheer scale of its operations led to recurrent IT challenges, impacting employee productivity and customer satisfaction.


Annual hours saved for the business


First-Time-Right Resolutions with AI-driven guidance 


Increase in Employees’ satisfaction 


Reduction in Ticket Resolution Time


Savings on Annual IT Operational Costs

Introducing Leo - A Superb Custom Built IT Ticketing System

The Challenge?

Our client’s rapid global expansion led to IT challenges that started impacting both internal efficiency and customer satisfaction. An overloaded IT team, coupled with an outdated ticketing system, resulted in slower response times and frequent miscommunication. The lack of a system that could understand the deep complexities of individual departmental challenges further exacerbated the inefficiencies. With the mounting pressure, it became imperative for the enterprise to find a scalable, efficient, and automated solution to address these concerns.

Overwhelmed IT Teams

The influx of day-to-day IT queries from various departments overwhelmed the IT teams. Simple queries often took up as much time as more intricate issues, causing significant backlogs.

Inefficient Problem Resolution

With numerous resolutions to choose from and limited knowledge about departmental constraints, IT personnel often faced paralysis by analysis.

Lack of Efficient Ticketing System

The existing ticketing system lacked automation, intelligence and scheduling. Hence, prioritizing tickets became a manual, hours consuming and cumbersome process.

Communication Gaps

The delay in ticket resolutions caused frustration among employees. This led to further communication breakdowns, increasing the IT team's stress.

Leo Final 02

Leo - A Functional and Aesthetic Design Marvel

The WhizKey Solution?

In an age where digital transformation is paramount, we consulted our client with cutting edge technologies that would solve their challenges. We took a comprehensive, future driven approach to the unique and multi-faceted challenges faced by our client. By combining seamlessly multiple advanced solutions, Whizkey laid the foundation for a futuristic and cutting-edge IT product – Leo, that is powering their 200+ IT Operations team worldwide.


Mobile App Development

Whizkey developed a custom mobile app, making it convenient for employees across departments to raise IT queries.

Custom Software with Generative AI

Leo, the ultra-realistic, fun chatbot, reduced user anxiety. Equipped with Generative AI, Leo understood the nature of queries, providing instant solutions or escalating them when needed.

Ticketing System

The AI-powered ticketing system ensured automatic prioritization based on the urgency, complexity, and the business impact of the issues.

Calendar & ERP Integration

Leo’s AI engine analyzed the calendar availability of both the resolver and the ticket raiser, providing realistic timelines for resolutions. It also ensured that resolutions adhered to the rules of the enterprise and the specific grade of the employee, thanks to its integration with the ERP system.

Leo Final 03

Leo - A Fusion of Human-like Empathy and Cutting-Edge Intelligence.

Results and Benefits?

Whizkey’s strategic implementation of a blend of advanced technologies transformed the client’s IT landscape. The once overwhelmed IT department transformed into a streamlined, proactive, and efficient team. The organization, after embracing the Whizkey solution, not only ensured smoother operations but also laid down a foundation for future advancements in the rapidly evolving digital age.

Enhanced Productivity

With Leo handling most of the basic queries, the IT team could focus on complex issues, reducing the ticket resolution time by 60%.

Improved User Experience

The fun and interactive nature of Leo reduced user anxiety, leading to a 45% boost in positive feedback.

Efficient Problem Resolution

AI-powered suggestions based on the rules and grades of employees resulted in a 83.2% increase in first-time-right resolutions.

Cost Efficiency

With a significant reduction in IT hours spent on basic queries and the increased rate of successful first-time resolutions, the company saved an estimated 35% on its annual IT operational costs.

The technologies we used to build this product - Leo


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