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Cromwell – Recruiting & Talent Management System

Industry:Enterprise, Government
About The Company

A prominent government company, recognized for its large-scale operations in public services, was grappling with an enormous challenge – the recruitment process. With an omnipresence across various job portals including its own, the manual task of sorting, comparing, and identifying the right talent had become a laborious process. More so, filling talent gaps often meant manually reaching out to prospective talents and third-party agencies, leading to inefficiencies and delays.


Annual Man-hours Saved on Recruitment Processes


Reduction in Manual Talent Identification Efforts


Faster Time-to-Hire


Increase in Candidate Satisfaction

Million USD

Annual Savings on Recruitment Costs

Introducing Cromwell - A Powerful Recruitment & Talent Management System

The Challenge?

A leading government entity experienced significant inefficiencies in their recruitment process. They struggled with the manual sorting of candidates from multiple talent platforms, outdated job descriptions that didn’t match industry standards, and a communication gap with prospective candidates. This led to delayed talent onboarding and a potential loss of suitable candidates.

Diverse Talent Sources

With a presence on multiple recruitment platforms, manual sorting and comparison were cumbersome and prone to oversights.

Inefficient Communication

Candidates often resorted to emails or calls to check their application status, creating an additional task for the HR team.

Lack of Automation

Filling talent gaps required manual intervention, leading to delays and potential talent misses.

Outdated Job Descriptions

Keeping job descriptions updated with industry standards was a challenge, leading to misaligned expectations.

Cromwell - A Redefined Experience For Prospective Applicants

The WhizKey Solution?

Recognizing the recruitment challenges, Whizkey introduced Cromwell, an AI-powered talent acquisition system. This platform seamlessly integrated with multiple job portals, using both direct API connections and Robotic Process Automation. Furthermore, we empowered the system with AI-driven candidate scoring and dynamic job description updating. To elevate the candidate experience, an AI-powered chatbot was deployed, enabling real-time job matches, application status checks, and instant query resolutions.

Multiplatform Candidate Sourcing

Cromwell seamlessly integrates with multiple talent and recruitment portals including their own portal to find and list the ideal talent in a centralized dashboard.

AI-Driven Candidate Scoring

With AI at its core, Cromwell ranks candidates based on smart scores aligned with job descriptions, ensuring optimal matches.

Dynamic Job Descriptions

Our AI-driven system analyses leading JDs in the region and the industry, automatically suggesting enhancements to ensure the company stays competitive in its requirements.

Chatbot for Candidates

We introduced an AI-powered chatbot, enabling candidates to upload CVs, get job matches, check application statuses, schedule interviews, and get answers to common queries - all without human intervention.

Cromwell - Enhancing Decision Making Using Rich AI Powered Comparisons

Results and Benefits?

Post collaboration, the company experienced a remarkable transformation in its recruitment process. There was a significant reduction in manual talent identification, leading to operational efficiencies. The time-to-hire was accelerated, ensuring quicker talent onboarding. Enhanced communication via the chatbot boosted candidate satisfaction, and dynamic job descriptions ensured alignment with the industry’s latest benchmarks.

Optimized Talent Identification

With automation, talent identification and onboarding became faster, leading to an enriched workforce.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

The chatbot facilitated a smoother candidate journey, enhancing the company's employer branding.

Reduced Manual Intervention

Automation ensured reduced dependency on manual tasks, leading to operational efficiencies.

Stayed Ahead of the Curve

Dynamic job descriptions ensured the company's recruitment offerings were always in sync with industry standards.

The technologies we used to build this product - Cromwell


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