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Discovery – Learning Management & Certification System

Industry:Education, Enterprise
About The Company

A prominent company in the energy sector recognized the need for an advanced Learning Management & Certification System (LMCS) to streamline and enhance the training and certification process for its employees. Together we envisioned “Discovery”, a futuristic AI-powered system that provides seamless integration between the company, employees, and course providers.


Annual savings from Discovery LMCS System


Increase in course completion rates post AI-integration


Reduction in course churn


Reduction in management administrative tasks


Employees upskilled & certified

Introducing Discovery - The Future of Learning

The Challenge?

A prominent company in the energy sector aimed to revolutionize its training landscape. However, they grappled with ensuring consistent user experience across various platforms like iOS, Android, and the web. Integrating AI for personalized course recommendations was another steep hill to climb. Additionally, fostering real-time communication across these platforms, designing an effective gamification system, and developing insightful management dashboards that were both comprehensive and user-friendly posed significant hurdles

Seamless Integration

Integrating multiple platforms - iOS, Android, and WebApp was a considerable challenge. Each platform came with its unique requirements and ensuring seamless interoperability was paramount.

AI-Driven Recommendations

To make course recommendations genuinely tailored to each user, the system required a deep understanding of user behavior, course content, and real-time feedback.

Management Dashboards

Creating a comprehensive yet user-friendly dashboard for management to analyze complex data sets and derive actionable insights.

Live Conversations & Discussions

Implementing a real-time communication system that functions perfectly across all devices and platforms is always a challenge, especially with the high volume of users anticipated.


Designing a gamification system that aligns with learning outcomes and keeps users engaged without detracting from the core educational experience was crucial and key to the system's success.

LMS 02

Discovery - Where Rich Data Augments Learning Potential

The WhizKey Solution?

We harnessed the power of Flutter for uniform iOS and Android app development and utilized ReactJS for the web interface, ensuring a seamless user experience across platforms. Our advanced AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) were integrated for bespoke course recommendations. Leveraging WebSockets, we facilitated smooth real-time interactions, while our tailored gamification strategies enhanced user engagement. Lastly, state-of-the-art Business Intelligence tools powered our data-rich yet intuitive management dashboards.


Unified Development

We employed Flutter, a UI software development toolkit, to ensure a consistent and integrated user experience across both iOS and Android platforms. For the WebApp, React was used to maintain consistency and fluidity.

Real-time Communication

By leveraging WebSockets and scalable cloud infrastructure, we ensured smooth real-time interactions, enhancing the live conversation and discussion feature of Discovery.

Insightful Dashboards

We utilized Business Intelligence tools and data visualization libraries, enabling management to extract meaningful insights effortlessly.

Harnessing AI

We integrated our advanced AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) capabilities to power personalized recommendations. By analyzing user data, performance, and feedback, our AI systems offer dynamic suggestions tailored to each user.

Engaging Gamification

Our team strategically integrated game mechanics that aligned with the company's educational goals, driving user engagement and reinforcing learning simultaneously.

LMS 03

Discovery - A Melting Point of Collaboration & Education

Results and Benefits?

Post our collaboration, our client experienced a paradigm shift in its training and certification processes. The seamless cross-platform experience led to heightened user engagement, evidenced by a substantial increase in course completion rates. The tailored AI recommendations streamlined learning pathways, significantly reducing course churn. Management operations became notably more efficient with our intuitive dashboards, while the real-time discussion feature fostered a culture of active collaboration and communication among employees.

Enhanced User Engagement

The gamification and AI-driven recommendations resulted in a 78% increase in user engagement and course completion rates.

Increased Management Efficiency

The rich dashboards facilitated a 40% reduction in time spent by managers on administrative tasks related to course oversight.

Streamlined Learning Pathways

The AI recommendations ensured employees received relevant courses, reducing course churn by 28%.

Massive Success

Discovery has successfully upskilled and certified over 8000+ staff members at our client's organization.

LMS 04

Discovery - A Gamified Learning Experience

The technologies we used to build this product - Discovery

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