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Centurion – Document Management System

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About The Company

A prominent company in the corporate sector was grappling with the modern challenges of electronic document management. Their team was regularly faced with issues like mismatched files, lost documents, corrupted data, and security breaches. Given the sheer volume of documents and the paramount need for confidentiality and precision, these challenges were proving costly in terms of time, resources, and business reputation.


Annual Hours Saved on Collaborative Tasks


Reduction in Document Retrieval Time


Decrease in Document-Related Security Breaches


Faster Document Approval Processes


Enhancement in Compliance Adherence

Introducing Centurion - A Bleeding Edge Document Management System

The Challenge?

Our client found itself mired in the complexities of electronic document management. Issues such as mismatched files, lost documents, data corruption, and security breaches not only drained resources but also posed serious reputational risks. The lack of an automated system hampered collaboration, causing workflow delays and compliance vulnerabilities.

Operational Inefficiencies

The manual management of documents led to significant time wastage, as employees had to sift through volumes of data to find or replace documents.

Collaboration and Workflow Bottlenecks

Lack of an automated system made collaboration difficult, leading to delays in approvals, signatures, and further actions.

Data Integrity and Security

Frequent data breaches and corrupted files raised concerns about the company's ability to protect sensitive information and maintain its integrity.

Audit and Compliance

The company found it challenging to trace document edits, leading to compliance risks.

Centurion - Managing Documents Like Never Before

The WhizKey Solution?

Drawing from our expertise in custom software development and ERP integration, we introduced Centurion. This on-premise solution offered a unified platform for all document needs. We integrated AI-driven workflows for efficient document handling, a secure 256-bit AES rich text editor for enhanced data protection, AI-powered smart sorting for faster document retrieval, and blockchain validation for critical documents to ensure utmost security and traceability.

Unified Document Management

Centurion, an on-premise solution, became the primary document management system, providing employees and third parties with a single access point for all documents.

256-bit AES Rich Text Editor

Recognizing the importance of data security, we incorporated a secure rich text editor, ensuring the safe creation and editing of documents.

Smart Sorting with AI

To address operational inefficiencies, Centurion's AI-powered sorting capability categorizes documents automatically by various parameters, streamlining search and retrieval processes.

AI-Powered Workflows

We integrated AI-driven workflows, enabling employees to seamlessly send documents for signatures, stamps, or any time-sensitive actions, with automatic alerts to relevant parties.

Blockchain Validation

For added security and traceability, especially for critical documents like contracts, we implemented blockchain validation, ensuring a tamper-proof record.

Centurion - A New Dimension of Multiplatform & Multiteam Collaboration

Results and Benefits?

With the implementation of Centurion, the company observed a marked improvement in operational efficiency, slashing document retrieval times. Collaboration became smoother with AI-enhanced workflows. The risk of data breaches dramatically dropped thanks to advanced encryption and blockchain features, and the firm enjoyed accelerated document approval processes and boosted compliance adherence.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The seamless integration and AI-powered capabilities of Centurion dramatically reduced time spent on document management tasks.

Strengthened Data Security

With 256-bit AES encryption and blockchain validation, the risk of data breaches substantially decreased.

Smooth Collaboration

Automated workflows and real-time alerts expedited collaborative efforts, eliminating bottlenecks.

Audit-Ready Always

The blockchain validation ensured every change was traceable, making audit and compliance checks a breeze.

The technologies we used to build this product - Centurion


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