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Specter – Office Management Software & App

Industry:Enterprise, Refreshments
About The Company

A prominent Fortune 500 company in the refreshments sector, renowned for its extensive global operations, recognized a pivotal need to innovate. The fast-paced evolution of consumer demand and the industry’s shift toward on-demand services compelled them to seek a more agile, mobile, and integrated solution.


Annual hours saved across departments


Decrease in procurement and restocking times


Boost in real-time data-driven decisions


Reduction in manual processing and resultant errors


Rise in overall operational satisfaction

Introducing Specter - A Tech Challenger To Modern ERPs

The Challenge?

Our client, a prominent Fortune 500 refreshments company faced several operational hurdles. Their existing desktop-centric ERP system lacked the nimbleness needed for real-time decision-making in their dynamic industry. Siloed departments led to communication delays and data mismatches, while an overreliance on manual processes introduced inefficiencies and potential errors. Additionally, the system’s absence of intuitive and advanced technological features rendered it outdated in the face of modern demands.


Limited Mobility

Their current ERP was primarily desktop-centric, impeding real-time updates and on-the-go decision-making.

Operational Inefficiencies

Handling stock requests, tracking beverage formulations, and updating vendor relations were cumbersome tasks.

Lack of Advanced Interactivity

The existing system lacked interactive and intuitive features to simplify tasks.

Isolated Systems

Key functionalities such as finance, procurement, and product development operated in silos.

Manual Processing

Everyday tasks, from procurement to stock audits, necessitated manual interventions.

Specter - A Unification of Aesthetic Elegance & Robust Functionality

The WhizKey Solution?

Understanding the intricate demands of the refreshments sector, we initiated the development of “Specter” – an integrated mobile and web application solution tailored for the industry.

Holistic Platform

Utilizing our expertise in iOS, Android, and WebApp development, we devised a consolidated application allowing professionals to manage everything from attendance to projects to sales on their preferred devices.

ERP Integration

Specter was seamlessly woven into the company's on-premise ERP, permitting effortless synchronization of finance-related data.

Robotic Process Automation

Numerous routine tasks were automated, resulting in enhanced accuracy and productivity.

Powered with AI

By harnessing our proficiency in Artificial Intelligence, we infused Specter with cutting-edge conversational AI, enabling users to perform tasks through voice or text effortlessly.

End-to-End Features

From tracking ingredient sourcing to managing distribution channels, we embedded a wide spectrum of 50+ features within Specter.

Specter - Genius Like Intelligence, Bond Like Charms

Results and Benefits?

Upon concluding our collaborative efforts on the Specter program, the results were not just theoretical but profoundly tangible. The integration of aesthetic elegance with robust functionality transformed the user experience, leading to enhanced productivity and user satisfaction. Streamlined operations, coupled with an intuitive interface, resulted in significant time savings and a marked reduction in operational errors. These concrete outcomes reiterated the power of synergy between design beauty and functional efficiency, solidifying the project’s success and return on investment.

Amplified Efficiency

The integrated platform streamlined operations, accelerating tasks like HR, procurement and distribution.

Unified Data Flow

ERP integration ensured consistent, real-time data availability across departments.

Futureproofed Operations

Specter introduced a forward-looking approach to operations, elevating the company's standing in the refreshments sector.

User Experience Enhancement

The embedded conversational AI transformed user interaction, making tasks more intuitive.

Significant Cost Reduction

Automation and reduced errors led to noteworthy cost benefits.

The technologies we used to build this product - Specter

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